Talca and the Maule Region

Talca is the capital of Maule Region located in Central Chile, 250 km south of Santiago. The Maule Region has significant agroclimatic diversity including a rich coastal area, a lower dry mountain area, the high Andes and many highly productive valleys.  This Region is the heart of production agriculture in the country. The main farming activities are vineyards, red apples, cherries, and kiwis, which account, respectively, for 38%, 65%, 39%, 55% of the total planted areas in the country.

The coastal area offers a variety of fish and seafood for the pleasure of all that enjoy it. Maule offers diverse touristic attractions such as: Radal Siete Tazas National Reserve, that has a series of seven waterfalls overflowing into terraced pools; the thermal baths of Quinamávida, featuring massages with mud, clay and wine therapy; the Wine Route, composed of associated wineries, allows tourists to visit the vineyards, observe the production process and taste different wines; and Altos de Lircay National Reserve, that allows to connect yourself with pristine nature.

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